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For generations, human civilizations have been dancing. Whether for cultural reasons or pure enjoyment, there is a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement. Just ask the dedicated dancers who come to practice every single day. We believe that dance is the most basic form of communication and we nurture that here at Expose.

When you decide to join us at Expose Performing Arts, you will be able to take advantage of our professional staff at our fully-equipped and recently renovated studio. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, we guarantee you’ll find it here.



Our mission as a Company and Business is “to provide an encouraging, supportive learning environment to foster the flame of creativity, and nurture the artistic spirit in every member of our institution, both students and instructors alike.”


It is our vision to provide students and teachers with an environment where they can share and nurture their creativity through exploration of raw talent and technique. It is our goal to teach students the discipline of dance in an encouraging way where they can have fun, feel comfortable, and learn professionalism and integrity. Expose Performing Arts welcomes diversity and maintains a non-smoking and alcohol-free environment.



From Dream to Reality

Expose Performing Arts was a conceived dream years ago. In 2013, we arrived at the Hampton Roads area seeking and fighting for our dreams as artists. Through much work and dedication to our careers, we have helped develop students all over the area and have had the pleasure of creating wonderful bonds and relationships that we hope will last a lifetime. For some time, it has been our desire to provide an environment where we could foster the creativity of children, develop their skills, expand their horizons, and above all, attain success by harnessing the full extent of their artistic abilities within a place we could all call home. This gave birth to Expose Performing Arts. We quickly realized this dream of ours would only be possible by aligning our vision with those who share the same views- with true artists! People in love with their work and a burning desire to share this passion. This is when our philosophy of creating an environment made for artists by artists came to be.

After years of hard work and dedication to the Hampton Roads area, we are proud to bring forth this dream to you now, after much preparation in the Summer of 2020 Expose Performing Arts will open its doors.

At EPA we utilize passion, dedication, class, structure, perseverance, and experience to define our teaching staff. We use love, dedication, creativity, and ambition to define our students. Together they create the perfect mixture that we have personally seen countless times forge bonds, create careers, and prepare professionals for a successful future. Our mission as a company and business is “to provide an encouraging, supportive, and rich learning environment that fosters the flame of creativity, and nurtures the artistic spirit in every member of our institution, both students and instructors alike.” It is our vision to provide students and teachers with an environment where they can share and nurture their creativity through the exploration of raw talent and technique. At Expose Performing Arts, we believe in creating a wonderful and possible future!

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