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This class division is for those individuals seeking to learn the basics of dance. The class is set at a comfortable pace to allow students to follow and develop the essential skills and proper technique for further development in our programs. Basic classes are available for all dance styles.


Our next step up the line of instruction is our intermediate division. Students with basic knowledge of dance who have developed past our introductory division will be able to join! This class will push students to develop their technique in dance at faster pace with a more interactive approach.


Our advanced division is designed for the student who is knowledgeable and is seeking to maintain or push their technique further. The division is a fast-paced, full instructional class with combos and traveling exercises. The purpose is to create a caring and challenging environment where all students push each other to be better.









This class is designed for students 3-5 years old. It is designed to nurture in children the love for dance and the basics of coordination and motor skills related to dance. Through imaginative and interactive imagery we develop our little one's sense of wonder and imagination that inspires them to dance all the time!


The structure and backbone of most dance forms, ballet is considered one of the most rigorous disciplines in dance. At Expose Performing Arts we instruct with progression in mind. We seek to develop the student’s ability to retain information, create motor skills, muscle memory, muscle tone, and the ability to multi-task and pay attention to detail. These classes focus on correct execution of technique, proper placement, balance, and mind-body awareness. Classes progressively increase in difficulty and challenge the student skills and body facility.


A preparatory class for intermediate/advanced Ballet level students. These classes are offered to students who are actively enrolled in ballet classes and have the technical knowledge and capability to understand ballet vocabulary and technique. Students will safely learn how to prepare the body for proper pointe technique- strengthening their ankles, feet, and legs for full unassisted pointe work. The instructor of the class will determine if the student is prepared for the class and, when the student is ready, for a more challenging class.


The epitome of ballet technique, Pointe classes are designed for students who have previously taken pre-pointe, have pointe shoes, and can execute advanced ballet technique. These classes are offered to students who are actively enrolled in ballet classes, and that have the technical knowledge and capability to understand advanced ballet vocabulary and technique. Students in this class will learn how to safely and properly execute pointe work, challenge themselves, and understand technique, body alignment, and awareness while on pointe shoes. The instructor in the class will determine which students are ready, or may recommend that the student take both pre-pointe and pointe to further their ballet technique.


One of the most popular and well-known forms of dance- Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility, and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks, and leaps. In a Jazz class, the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a wonderful class to get a well-rounded variety of all dance steps. Dancers will learn choreography to current popular and age-appropriate music, along with vintage styles of jazz from the last decades. This is a perfect class to start your dance training and to enjoy developing your sass!


This is a high energy and highly dynamic class. Utilizing a combination of rhythms, music, and motor-skills, Hip-Hop develops a sense of individuality and entertainment. Expose Performing Arts prides itself in its current fusion and highly energetic Hip-Hop Classes. Students will learn coordination, body isolations, stage presence, and confidence.


Lyrical Jazz has been the biggest craze to hit the Jazz dance world since break dancing.  It combines Modern and Jazz technique with a free form of movement and theme, and dance steps choreographed to the lyrics of a song.  It is filled with very technical dance moves that are very visual, fun to perform, and fun to watch.  At EPA we encourage emotional discovery and exploration that allows students to develop their own natural mind-body connection. Students will develop in artistry, flexibility, and story-telling abilities through these dance classes. Students should also be actively enrolled in ballet or jazz classes in order to take this class.


Combining Modern and Ballet Techniques with creative and natural movement, contemporary challenges the dancers to develop a unique movement quality and powerful artistic projection. At Expose we focus on the development of unique movement and exploration. Students will leave this class with a strong sense of self and improvisation abilities. Students should also be actively enrolled in ballet classes in order to take this class.


Enjoy the opportunity to salsa, merengue and bachata with ease, alone or as a couple. Ballroom dancing develops self-confidence, body lines, esthetic, and above all, trust in both yourself and your partner.


Tap classes are the quickest way to develop coordination and rhythmic ability.  Tap is highly recommended for all dancers who desire to have a well-rounded base of knowledge! We teach all levels of Tap at EPA and encourage students seeking performing arts careers to take this class.



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